Computerized Exam Rules

(using Exam4)

The option of taking exams on a laptop is offered to students as a convenience and privilege, not as a right.  Making sure your equipment is in good working order and following IT instructions on how to use the program are the student’s responsibility.  Students choose this option at their own risk and should be prepared to hand write their exam in case of an unforeseen technical problem.

If you are taking an exam on your laptop as part of the computerized exam program:

  1. You must be registered for the program and you must certify your laptop by installing the Exam4 software and taking a practice test.  All information is available online.
  2. Students should be seated 30 minutes before the examination commences, with no less than one seat space between students  Sometimes this may not be possible, due to the limited amount of seating  in certain rooms. Students arriving late for an exam will not be given additional make-up time.
  3. Exam4 software must be installed on your computer before each exam period and functioning properly. If you have any problems with your computer during the exam, immediately begin to complete your exam by hand in the bluebook.
  4. At the opening screen, Exam4 prompts you to fill in your exam number, the class name, professor's name and date. Please make sure you enter the correct information. Do not enter your name.
  5. You may type "START" and hit "ENTER" only when the proctor instructs you to begin the exam.
  6. When you are finished with your exam, exit the Exam4 software and save your exam answers on the mapped drive as previously instructed. Place the examination question, scrap paper, and any other exam material into your brown envelope.